Marble Games and Sound Trees

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tree and 10pcs ball
35pcs ball and bag
12pcs bal and bag A
ball and tray A
12pcs bal and bag B
2pcs ball and tree

Wooden building blocks, petal tree toys, rainbow ball children's small track educational toys

Product material: wood

Product size: varies

Suitable age : over 3 years old

Product function :

Exercise children's color cognition and hands-on ability, roll the ball game to exercise children's concentration, puzzle early education.

Falling leaves ball game, exercise children's visual tracking ability. Watching the ball roll from top to bottom, the child's sight rotates with the change of the ball's position, and experience the speed competitive gameplay.

Choose wood to make, and the design of fallen leaves. Multi-process hand-polished, smooth angular design, strong and firm material, every detail is carefully crafted, and it is playable.

The track on the falling leaves ball can be carried out according to your own preferences. With creativity, insert pieces of fallen leaves into the mainstay. The sizes of fallen leaves are different to exercise children's cognition and distinguish between sizes.

The ball starts from the top and rolls down to improve the child's concentration. When pushing the ball, you need to control your hand strength and exercise your child's hand-eye coordination.

The fallen leaves are rich in color, soft and beautiful, protect children's visual development, and enhance children's color recognition, color discrimination and color perception.

Falling leaves ball, design around the chassis, large-capacity ball collection area. When the ball rolls down from above, it falls steadily into the chassis and waits for the next round of the game.

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